Bar Soap

(Beauty Bar Soap Moisturizing) 

(CVS White Beauty Bar)  

(Beauty Bar Sensitive Skin Soap)

Only $14 per case


All Name Brands (Maybelline, L’oreal, etc.)  

Lot of 500 pieces $475 (only .95/piece!)   

Lot of 200 pieces $250 (only 1.25/piece!)

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats - Natural Sahuayo Palm Straw   New One Size Fits All    3 Styles   

$8.75/hat   24 hats/case 

Must purchase by case

Dickies Clothing

School Uniform (Khaki) Pants Boys

School Uniform (Blue) Shorts Adj. Waist

(Black) Womens Tops

(Blue) Womens Tops

(Dark Blue) Womens Tops

Womens Scrubs Pants (Dark Green)

Womens Scrubs Pants (Black)

Womens Workwear Scrubs (White) 

Womens Scrubs Tops    

Womens Stretch Maternity Fit (Black) Pants


(14-36 items per case)

Only $2.75 per piece!!!!

Picture Frames

Beautiful picture frames – We have over 33,000 pieces Wood Picture frames available! That's only $ .27/each

Contact for current specials!!!

M2M Diapers & Pullie Ups

M2M Kiddie Ups Diapers and Pullups

Boys & Girls (Regular & Jumbo)

Only $13-$14 per case!!!

Sterex Food Service Gloves

Sterex Food Service Gloves Item #PEMHD1010100 10/10/100 pk= 10,000 pieces

Sterex Food Service Gloves Item 

pk= 10,000 pieces 

Only $16/case!

Garnier Nourising Color Crème #90 Light Natural Blonde

12 packs per case

Only $24/case!

Optimum Defy Breakage

6 packs per case

Only $12/case!

Loreal Paris Sublime Mousse 83 Golden Medium Blonde

UPC: 071249197196 

12 packs per case

Only $9/case!

Loreal Paris Root Rescue 6A Light Ash Brown


12 packs per case

Only $9/case!

Comfort Respirator Masks

10 packs per case

Only $25/case!